Drag Trivia Wednesdays in April

Drag Trivia is free and coming to Flem-Ken Bowls club each Wednesday this April starting on the 3rd. Come along for some fun and a bit of a laugh with the West’s most flamboyant trivia night, hosted by Fembot XYZ.

We’ll be serving meals from 6pm with Trivia starting at 7pm. Don’t miss out, book ahead, bring your mates and have a laugh each Wednesday in April!

“Born on a magical floating cloud, this beautiful 9’4” goddess descended upon planet Earth 4 years ago with a mission to entertain the masses and save earth from global warming.

She’s in her prime and at the top of the food chain, desperately gnawing her way to success on a pathway of exhilarating performances and cyber kawaii fashunz.”

Get your teams of up to 6 brainiacs together. Don’t miss this hugely entertaining trivia night each Wednesday. Come down early for a delicious meal from 6pm with Trivia from 7.

Register Here: http://bit.ly/dragtrivia

Trivia Night 2017 Hosted by Fistball Federation of Australia

Fistball Federation of Australia is proud to present the 3rd annual FiFA Trivia Night fundraiser. To be held at the Flemington & Kensington Bowling Club this Friday, July 21st.

The trivia night has been a fantastic fundraiser for Fistball in the past and a night that has been thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. All members of the public are welcome to attend, with all the proceeds from this years fundraising to go towards new equipment for FiFA including balls, nets, cones, marquees etc.

We look forward to seeing you all there for an evening of fun and games (and more than a few froffies). So bring your brains trust along and get set for a fantastic night.